About Evertech

Evertecch is a professional manufacturer for Auto & Truck Electrical parts & related field with headquarter & assembly line in Taiwan & China.

We have obtained reputation with first-class tech, high quality, and competitive price to support every potential requirement from Customers. In order to maintain the first-class service & excellent quality in the market, Evertech keeps researching & developing the forthcoming new products, and have been accumulated remarkable items in production range.

A Win-Win situation is our goal & attitude toward customers. Evertech is always you’re best & reliable partner to reinforce your market share.

Product line – 

Passenger car application 

     Oil pressure Sensor / Crankshaft Position Sensor / Camshaft Position Sensor / ABS Sensor

     Brake Light Switch / Oil Pressure Switch / Reverse Light Switch / Thermo Switch

     Coolant Temperature Sending Unit / Knock Sensor / Lambda Sensor / MAP Sensor

     Engine Variable Timing Control Valve / Solenoid / A/C Pressure Sensor / 

     Oil Pressure Sensor / Transmission Pressure Sensor

Heavy duty truck application

       Level Sensor / Height Distance Sensor / ECAS Solenoid Valve / 

       Raise Lower Solenoid Valve / Quick Release Valve / Inhibitor valve (Neutral Position) / 

       Relay Valve (Gearbox) / AcceleratorPedalPositionSensor / Boost Pressure Sensor / 

       Oil Leveling Sensor /  Speed Sensor / Gear Shift Control Switch  / 

       Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor / Intake Air Temp Sensor